Manjit Singh Chatrik

Manjit Singh Chatrik is an artist with a passion for delving into the depths of life and expresses his revelations through painting. Born in 1947, to a large Punjabi family with little means, ‘Art’ was not the career choice supported by his family. However, in pursuit of his passion, Manjit earned a scholarship to attend Delhi College of Art from which he graduated with a degree in Commercial Art in 1972. Since, he has expressed his creativity illustrating watercolours commissioned by prestigious studios in the Middle East and North America.

Manjit currently resides in Quebec and focuses on creating intimate expressions that embrace life. A master in the fine art of watercolour, Manjit’s work portrays his travels and explorations in several lands and is inspired by spirituality, yoga & nature.

“Manjit Singh Chatrik’s works in ink, watercolour and mixed medium on paper and canvas. Evocative in intent and poetic in effect, these images are composed of layered and superimposed elements expressed lyrically. Loose line work defines form in movement across the page. Textures rendered graphically, animates the surface. Tonal variations give depth and physicality. Soft washes of colour, position the image in emotional realm. The inclusion of the word phrase and text evoke the artist’s voice. Sometimes, collaged elements add a relief quality to the images, suggesting a play between the current and the remembered.

Manjit is an accomplished and renown poet in his native language and in performance. He gives his words added life through his musical rhythmic gestural delivery. His background as a graphic designer, with an international practice sensitized him to the huge variety and scope of human culture and this is what he expresses and celebrates in both his word and visual poems.”

- Written by C. Asher, Director/Curator Gallerie de la Ville, DDO

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